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Timing is Everything

Why now is the time to leverage retreats into your business

Transformational Travel

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Amy's passion and expertise shine through when she presents. She'll make any audience feel immediately at home with her down-to-earth and authentic presence.

–Dani Whitestone, Founder, Women's Small Business & Leadership Network

Amy truly has the soul of a teacher, sharing the passion for her subject with the audience. She effectively presents her expertise with great clarity and enthusiasm. An excellent addition to any speaking line up.

–Michael Whitehouse, Chairman and Founder, Conference21

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Retreat Leaders LIVE Podcast

Get the inside scoop on the wins, the missteps, and the bloopers of planning a profitable retreat. In each short episode, industry rockstars spill their real life examples and stories. Whether you’ve been running retreats for years or you’re brand new to the scene, you’ll learn fresh ideas to wow your clients, deliver an exclusive customer experience, and ultimately put money in the bank with the proper planning.

Amy Flo-Yo of FloYo Travel, expert retreat planner to transformational coaches & consultants

Amy Flores-Young

Amy Flores-Young (Flo-Yo) is all about transformational destinations and reclaiming the joy in travel. She specializes in realizing dream retreats with more profit and less stress. Amy is a true partner in the planning process.

A sought after expert in travel planning and retreat business strategy, she champions coaches and consultants to build their ideal lifestyle through business. Whether organizing statewide conferences, large national trainings, or smaller retreat, Amy's done it all in her 25 years of experience.

A form facilitator herself, she knows how difficult it is to manage the endless logistics while being the "face" of the room. Amy has perfected the art of weaving together the ultimate location and itinerary that both engages and energizes your guests.



Conversation Starters

Interesting tidbits about me that help to break the ice.

  • I’m a DISNEY, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel nerd.

  • I could forget the world even existed and spend 24 hours a day snuggling my pups (really any pups almost).

  • Putting on kitchen concerts, singing and dancing, making my kids roll their eyes, always lightens my heart.

  • I don’t waste time with non-premium ice cream.  Enjoying a deep chocolate ice cream or oreo & cream  in a chocolate dipped waffle cone - YES PLEASE.


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