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Fempreneurs True Confessions Episode 24

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Shut Out The Noise And Tune Into What Works For You With Guest Amy Flo-Yo Flores-Young

Amy Flores-Young (Flo-Yo) is the founder of FloYo Travel and the creator of the IMPACT Retreat Roadmap. Amy ensures her clients, soul-centered coaches, consultants and speakers, experience joyful travel as they go to and from events and conferences to grow their businesses. Amy also helps her clients create in-person events and retreats that result in deeper connection with their communities, a larger reach and impact for their unique methodology/body of work, and a profitable event. As a former facilitator herself, she knows how difficult it is to manage the endless logistics while being the “face” of the room. Amy has perfected the art of weaving together the ultimate location and itinerary that both engages and energizes your guests.

During our chat with Amy, we talked about why she chose to do things differently (against the grain), why she is "ok" with NOT having a big change-the-world mission, how she learned why many in-person retreat events fail (or aren't truly profitable), and how she learned to cut out the noise and shiny objects to tune into what works for her.

Be sure to check out Amy’s website for all of her awesome free resources and listen to the episode for her discount code for $100 (per adult traveler) on any travel booking/service!

Watch the stream below or listen on the following platforms:

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See how retreats can help you exceed your revenue goals

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