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Travel Protection Insurance

Safeguard your travel investment

Mitigate your risks so you can travel with less angst and more ease

Now more than ever, protecting your travel investment is essential to safeguarding your bottom line.

Now more than ever, protecting your travel investment is essential to safeguarding your bottom line.

  • What type of coverage do I need?

  • What happens if COVID changes my plans?

  • When I booked my flight, I purchased their insurance — doesn't that protect my entire trip?

You may be asking yourself questions like:

COVID has changed the way we look at travel. There are enough changes to travel (masks, test, forms, flight changes) - don’t add the risk of losing your money

  • Flight changes & cancellations

  • Medical testing requirements

  • Required forms/paperwork

With the potential for changes due to COVID alone, traveling can be confusing and overwhelming. Mitigate those risks with travel protection insurance.

How would it feel to travel with peace of mind?Be prepared if any of the following occurs on your trip:

I get it.

  • Medical emergencies

  • Quarantine

  • Evacuation


You've put a lot of time and energy into planning your travel.

You deserve to travel with peace of mind.

Your free Travel Insurance quote can help you get there.

Tropical Beach

Travel Protection Insurance

Because airlines and hospitality companies aren't as "understanding" or handing out refunds

Don't gamble your travels away, travel with peace of mind. With Travel Protection Insurance:

Understand the limits and coverages you're actually buying.

Be an informed traveler so you can navigate your journey with peace of mind.

Know your investment is protected and travel risks mitigated.

You're not at the mercy of flight delays, baggage issues, quarantines, and more because you've got a plan.

Protect your investment and your bottom line.

Amy Flo-Yo of FloYo Travel, expert retreat planner to transformational coaches & consultants

I can help you too.

I've been helping travelers design engaging trips for over 25 years. I've seen it all.


I’ve helped my clients:

  • Experience new adventures without being overwhelmed

  • Enjoy peace of mind and make magical memories

  • Save $1000s of dollars by protecting their travel investment


Don't leave your travel investment to chance.

Protect your travel plans and your pocketbook with travel protection insurance.

Each free quote includes

  • Up to 3 insurance plan options

  • Clarity on all coverage so you know exactly what's covered

  • No cost quote - just pay for the plan you choose

  • Opportunity to speak with an expert to review options

You can buy peace of mind with Travel Protection Insurance.


Get your free Travel Insurance quote below:

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