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  • Amy Flores

The Travel Coach Network Podcast: What You Need to Know Before Your Next (or First!) Retreat

Thinking about hosting a retreat?

If so, then you definitely won't want to miss this episode. In this conversation, Sahara Rose DeVore (founder of the Travel Coach Network) interviews Amy Flores-Young (known as Flo-Yo). Amy is a sought-after Retreat Concierge, specializing in supporting coaches and leaders in hosting transformational experiences for their clients so they can profit more, stress less, and deepen their client relationships.

She merges her 25 years of expertise and passion for travel planning with powerful retreat business strategies.

Amy takes care of the details and strategy to create an elevated experience.

She is also versed in planning travel for those with chronic health needs and disabilities.

Amy is the parent of a medically complex child, now adult and has been a disability advocate for over 20 years on mission to ensure everyone builds magical travel memories. Throughout this interview, Amy embeds her experience working with clients on high-quality retreats, as well as how she helps families who have children with diverse needs get their needs met during family trips.

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See how retreats can help you exceed your revenue goals

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