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Were you born to lead retreats?
But don't thrive in the logistics.

Planning your retreat has never been easier.

Say goodbye to the stress and overwhelm.

Full-service planning from conception to execution and everything in between.

Do your retreat plans feel more like a gamble than a dream?

You've got a big vision for your event!

  • You know what you want but don't know where to start.

  • Planning and researching has you stuck in the weeds.

  • You don't have time to fuss with the all the moving parts.

  • You are frustrated at the lack of transparency in budgeting.

  • You keep putting off your event because you don't know what you don't know.

  • You worry about having to hold ALL the energy for everyone, maybe not leaving enough for you.

Planning an event isn't the best use of your energy and gifts!

Are you a leader, coach or healer who is clear about what you offer and want to amplify your work?


I hear you.

  • Saves you time and energy by taking the research and logistics off your hands (and mind)

  • Helps you avoid the pitfalls and set your event up for profit and transformation

  • Understands your gifts and community are unique and will offer you a curated experience so it feels like YOU

As a travel professional with a background in strategic planning, leadership training, events and group travel, I understand the unique needs of throwing a live event.

Imagine how it would feel to have an expert plan your retreat that:

This is for you if...


You have so much to offer your clients

and you’re ready to provide transformation in the form of an impactful retreat or thought leader event

  • You know your work can make a positive impact in your clients’ lives and you want your retreat to be a shining example of that.

  • You want to attract aligned clients who are ready to do the work and experience the growth you offer 

  • You want a successful retreat that creates a container for transformation aligned with activities that balance learning, connection, and relaxation.

The Retreat Concierge can help you get there.

Group Yoga

You've developed a program/content for client transformation.

You've run a live events in the past but worked so hard, they weren't worth the trouble

Group Hug
Retreat Concierge is for you if you’ve run successful retreats in the past and you are ready to take them to the next level.

You’ve run successful retreats in the past and you are ready to take them to the next level

You want to increase your impact and income WITH intention.

Retreat Concierge is for you if you'd rather spend your time inspiring your clients instead of getting mired down in logistics.
Tropical Resort

The Retreat Concierge

Get expert eyes on your retreat plan to ensure it generates a profit while delivering value.

Whether you’re DIYing your first retreat plan or looking for a professional to add to your team to bring your events to the next level, with the Retreat Concierge, you’ll have:

Increased confidence and calm that your retreat will be smooth

A proactive plan for anything that may go wrong (like travel delays and cancellations)

An approach to lead your group with sustained energy (and not burn yourself out)

Have a clear, no-risk non-refundable policy and safety protocols


After planning and running two retreats on my own, my decision to hire Amy for my next retreat has been a life saver! Her guidance and expertise has allowed me to focus on providing the best retreat experience for my guests. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that my guest's travel plans are in good hands with Amy and it frees me up to focus on the parts of running the retreat that I love.

Paula Sacco, THRIVE Retreats


Working with Amy was so amazing. She was able to calm my fears and anxieties about retreat planning and made me feel it was so possible to host a lucrative, fun, and meaningful retreat experience. Amy is wonderful at comparing different locations, thinking of all of the details, and organization. I would recommend her for any coach who is looking to have a high touch retreat experience for their clients!

Kacy Barron, Manifestation Coach


Besides the research, venue negotiations and logistics,
Here's everything you get when you partner with your

Retreat Concierge:


Fully transparent budget numbers to ensure you’re set up for profit.


Review of your sales pages, registration, agreements and other protocols so all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed supporting event sales and covering liabilities.


Regular one on one time with an experienced retreat/travel/planning professional that can spot any potential pitfalls.


One on one includes The Retreat Concierge 21 point review that boosts your confidence in being the leader of a successful retreat.


Ask about ANYTHING you might be second guessing from a partner that can shine the light on any gaps and how to fill them.


Our signature IMPACT Method

Creates an experience that makes you money, that you get to enjoy for yourself, and leaves you with raving fans and loyal clients.

Copy of IMPACT .png
Tropical Island

With the Retreat Concierge, you’ll have a partner for everything you need to produce a successful event:

  • Where you have support in holding the space to fulfill the retreat intentions

  • That forges long-term client relationship

  • That produces a powerful experience that helps you stand out from the crowd

  • That generates profit while delivering value

  • That saves stress by hiring a professional 

Stop the planning overwhelm and transform your retreat vision into reality


I am SO ecstatic about working with Amy! I had no idea of how her services worked but knew she was VERY knowledgeable in what she does! On our first call, we gave her ideas on what we were looking for with our retreat and within a few days we had a plan and bookings! Amy thinks outside the box which makes us excited with each conversation we have! 

Lauren Sherburne,
Soul Sisters Retreats

web size-2-5.jpg

I was BLOWN AWAY at the package Amy pulled together for me, and the locations she found are swoon-worthy!  Once I started to map out the retreat and solidify my vision, people that I would love to have showed up in my network. I started chatting about it with others, etc. It was like the universe aligned strangely. I can't wait to bring my group together with Amy's help. It will be a game-changer for them and for my business.

Jessica Miller, Money and Mindset Coach


I design live events with clients like you to get you to step out of being a manger and step fully into being the leader you are.


I’ve helped my clients:

  • Grow their community

  • Build authentic relationships

  • Infuse more joy in their events and offers

  • Deliver powerful and transformative experiences

  • Meet revenue goals in less time with more fun

With me behind the scenes, you'll be free to deliver the powerful and transformational experience only you can. 

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