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  • Amy Flores

You Don’t Know Jack… or Maybe You ARE Jack!

Do you know Jack?

*note to young people, when someone didn’t know what they were talking about we would say “you don’t know Jack”. Wondering if that is still a thing?

So, Do you know Jack?

Jack Skellington is my daughter’s favorite character of all time so I get to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas at least five times between Halloween and Christmas.

I adore Jack. His frustration in the same ol’ job time after time. Even though he was the Pumpkin King and the BEST at what he did. He is still looking for that magical spark to make him feel complete. Thinking he was missing something. Haven’t we all been there?

I know I was there a few times throughout the pandemic. Especially, in a travel based business, trying to figure out if we should "pivot" (puke at the word). How long do I hold out?

But look at what breaks loose when Jack steps out of his zone of genius! Uh-oh! As an entrepreneur, in a travel based business, there were so many directions to go in. Yes, I tried a few. Trying on different “holidays” trying to find that magical spark. But watching Jack, it became very clear to me that I needed to stand firm in my zone of genius. Here is why.

Back to Jack. When Jack decides he didn’t know jack, he becomes the hero. He embraces who he is, admitting that he made a big mistake and takes responsibility. He is able to take joy in his zone of genius, happily ever after and all that!

And I felt this to my core during the pandemic. Other ways to serve like going virtual, writing workbooks, even a YouTube channel didn't fee quite right. The intent to educate and serve was all from the same heart but kind of like a toy that tries to attack you - not what I wanted to wake-up to. As time SO S L O W L Y passed during the pandemic, I was fortunate to use that time to dig deep into my zone of genius. Yes I am a planner/organizer and can modify any trip for medical needs. I went even deeper into my gift for strategy, balancing big picture ideas with the smaller steps to get bring them into reality. And serving clients while in my zone, I am fulfilled and excited to show up every day.

I am happy to say proudly - I DO KNOW JACK about meeting revenue goals through retreats.

How many “holidays” have you tried on? Are you finding joy in your zone of genius? If so, please let me know what it is? If not, I invite you to connect so we can help you find it.

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