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POP Quiz

Don't stress- it's just 1 question


Question: What type of travel planning do I specialize in?

A) Disney and theme park destinations

B) Retreats and Groups

C) Cruising (for groups too)

D) Disability and Health needs

E) Speakers, coaches, businesses traveling 6+times a year

There’s the trick…. it is all of the above of course!

I was recently at a business conference of over 100 women, where at least 40 already knew me! During our time together, as I was in conversation with a new connection, I kept hearing “I didn’t know you did that” from my previous connections!

Depending on when we met, they either thought of me as; “the Disney Nerd”, “The Retreat Queen”, “The Disability Specialist” or “the Travel Assistant”. It was obvious that I have to get more clear that being THE TRAVEL WIZARD is all of these things (and a few more with my magic spellbook!)

Here is the TREAT! I am offering a $150 discount for each adult off trips booked now through December 15th (regardless of when you travel). Get a jump on planning before the winter cabin fever sets in!

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See how retreats can help you exceed your revenue goals with the Retreat Profit Calculator

See how retreats can help you exceed your revenue goals

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