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95 days til Christmas!

Holiday shopping completed with one phone call! The Best Holiday Gift? The Gift of Memories. Not long ago, we had to temporarily trade hugs and meals together with video chats and facemasks. Are you back to your "regular" day-to-day and forgetting that In the end, nothing really matters but the people in our life. Let’s seize the moment and take back the joy. This year, plan a different kind of holiday. Skip the typical stress of shopping and to-do lists, and either whisk your family away on a holiday vacation together or give the gift of travel and relax knowing the fun is all to come. Skip the hassle of guessing what they want for Christmas Forget the kitchen gadgets. Now that everyone’s trying to “declutter” and purge their homes, why waste money on more material items that may just end up collecting dust or show up at a yard sale? Instead, give them the gift of time together. Create lasting memories across generations You just can’t put a price tag on your time together. Grab the time before the kids haven’t flown the coop and the older generation can still travel well. Ask me about multi-generational travel if you want to include the grandparents and aunts and uncles. I’ll make it seamless for toddlers, parents, teenagers and the retirees! Memorable unwrapping experience When you give the gift of travel, I ensure it's extra-special with personalized gift packs FULLY WRAPPED to coordinate with the trip. Going on a European Cruise, your gift may include language books, maps, sweatshirts from the destination. Taking little ones to the most Magical Place on Earth? Start the excitement with a hand written note from the Mouse himself with their ears and autograph books. Have you ever given a travel gift? I'd love to hear your experience.

Life is hard, Travel can be easy, Amy

P.S. Check out all the ways we can create magic together: Vacation Planning - Retreat Vision - Entrepreneur Travel Assistant - Accessible Travel "Just needed to take a moment to thank you for helping us put together an amazing trip. It was fantastic and we wouldn't change a thing!" –Cristina H., Chelmsford, MA

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