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Spring (heart) break

Don’t fall into this travel trap!

I had to turn clients away last week.

Yes - flat out said “I can’t help you. It’s too late”.

Why would I just say no to people reaching out to me for travel planning?

Here is an overview of what these families were asking for:

  • A last minute trip “anywhere warm in the US” because they didn’t have passports.

  • A 10 day itinerary from Paris to Rome, for early June.

  • A 7 day trip to Disney in May (for a budget of under $5K).

If any of these requests came in with a 90+ day time frame, bibbidi bobbidi boo - DONE! {Like that sound? That’s the sound of your TRAVEL WIZARD making magic for you!}

In today’s travel climate of increasing flight prices with constant changes, hospitality staff shortages and the overwhelming demand on limited supply, the typical travel plan should start 3-5 months in advance.

Yes! You read that correctly: 3-5 months before you plan on traveling!

There are travel packages that can be booked in a short time frame IF you are flexible in location, budget and flight times. These include All-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean and group tours in Europe. There are often cruise cabins available, but with limited location selection and higher pricing.

So now is the time - ready to get your dream SUMMER AND FALL travel booked?

Fill out the REQUEST A QUOTE form and I will be in touch!

Life is hard, Travel can be easy,


P.S. Check out all the ways we can create magic together: Vacation Planning - Retreat Vision - Entrepreneur Travel Assistant - Accessible Travel

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