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Quick Quiz: Do you need a professional or can you DIY?

In our travel professional circles, there is a saying we chuckle at: "clients don't need you to plan their shitty vacation"! Which is true - the internet is filled with reviews, flight info, resort websites....plenty for clients to choose from.

We often use this as a reminder to less seasoned agents, that we are a SERVICE and a RESOURCE to take the burden off the client and to CREATE something unique to meet their individualized needs.

So, how do you know if you need to call me or just DIY it?

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself.

For every YES = 1 point. And if you aren't sure...that's a point too.

  • Seeing too many options and can't tell which resort is a good fit?

  • Unsure of the travel restrictions and protocols for the destination?

  • Does your location require activities and meals to be reserved/planned before your arrival?

  • Are you traveling outside your country’s borders?

  • Will there be any connecting flights?

  • Is it important to you to have perks such as late checkout, restaurant reservations, daily itineraries, or private tours? (Add a half-point for each additional perk checked.)

  • Does anyone in your traveling party have allergies or any other special health need or disability?

  • Is anyone in your traveling party unvaccinated?

  • Are you going to a location where you don’t speak the language?

  • Is free and reliable WiFi service a must (or are you traveling with internet access will be spotty)?

  • Are you traveling with a large group (more then 8)?

  • Do you prefer a cultural immersive experience over a resort-based vacation?

  • Is this a last-minute trip, traveling in less than 10 weeks?

If you are needing a Pro or Specialist, start the process with this simple request form.

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