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Not your “mama’s retreats”

So much more than yoga and meditation!

I hope you have had time for some summer adventures this season.

I have some adventures I have been working on with clients. I am often asked what type of retreats I assist with. There is not an easy answer as there are really no limits. BUT to give you an idea I am thrilled to share a few upcoming examples.

In this email I am highlighting my favorite events with three of my favorite clients. OK, OK - I love ALL my clients. But I can say these are my favorite events because I have been through each one as a participant myself! These upcoming events are geared towards small business entrepreneurs/solopreneurs.

  • For more joy, time freedom and clarity in your business, the JOY MONEY RETREAT led by Shannon Hernanez and Amy Hager of JOYFUL BUSINESS REVOLUTION is the one to check out. I have had the pleasure of attending a JMR twice, and with each experience my business grew while also feeling more aligned to my soul. Surrounded by the fall foliage and nature of Vermont, join the Joy Money Retreat in October.

  • A special shout out to Jessica Miller who was my first business coach AND first retreat client! Have you heard of Canyon Ranch? It’s only the best luxury wellness resort, first of its kind, started right here in Lenox, Massachusetts. Jessica coaches her clients to dig deep to create that special offer that will transform business. In the spaciousness of Canyon Ranch, complete with gourmet meals, and spa treatments, Jessica blends her unique kindness in coaching with reflective sessions to pull the best out of each participant in this very intimate group. This is a truly unique opportunity to get the best of Canyon Ranch and the best of Jessica Miller. Check out her next October retreat.

  • Truly understanding your data and numbers can be terrifying or freeing! Knowing what worked in the past and how to take what didn’t out for the future, is what the ENVISION 2024 is all about. Review your past year, and set the plan for 2024 in action at a fully interactive 3-day event led by Michelle Jacobik, multiple best selling-author, business awards winner, business strategist who knows because she’s been there and done that. In November, after Thanksgiving and before the rush of Holidays, take some time down the coast of Florida at the beachfront Pelican Grand Resort where Michelle works her magic and you get to sit in community - fully heard and not judged as you build the future of your business.

Have you had any summer adventures? Are you looking forward to any fall adventures? Let me know what you have been up to!

Life is hard, Travel can be easy,


P.S. Check out all the ways we can create magic together:

"Working with Amy was so amazing. She was able to calm my fears and anxieties about retreat planning and made me feel it was so possible to host a lucrative, fun, and meaningful retreat experience. Amy is wonderful at comparing different locations, thinking of all of the details, and organization. I would recommend her for any coach who is looking to have a high touch retreat experience for their clients!"

- Kacy Barron

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See how retreats can help you exceed your revenue goals with the Retreat Profit Calculator

See how retreats can help you exceed your revenue goals

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