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  • Amy Flores

Warning: Side effects will occur

And you will love them!

In my last email I shared an overview of what a TA (travel assistant) is.

In short, it is adding me to your essential team, so all your travels are centrally planned by a trusted professional (not the pop-up internet search of the day). And having me “in your pocket” should any hiccups happen.

WARNING! Once you hire me as a TA the following SIDE EFFECTS will occur:

  • Improved joy levels. More time for dance parties, reading, family hikes because you are not stuck scrolling through the internet abyss of endless options.

  • Decreased heart rate. Less stress as you don’t have to worry about navigating flight changes and trip itineraries alone.

  • Expanded Connections. Without worrying about “the plan” you can focus on creating deeper relationships with those you are sharing your in-person experience with.

  • Increase in aligned energy. Utilizing your efforts and energy in your “zone of genius” so you are not distracted with planning. This brings more ease to your day. And usually that means added revenue to your bottom line!

These side effects are magnified when you are a leader bringing clients together for a mastermind or retreat! When you are a client of mine, your TA support is for all your participants as well.

Want to reclaim joy in travel, and partner with me as your Travel Assistant? (TA)?

Schedule a call here.



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