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  • Amy Flores

Someone FINALLY said it.

I have been an entrepreneur for five years. I regularly attend at least 3 networking events each week. I have spent too many hours to count working on my quick intro. I THOUGHT it was clear and effective. And of course it is tweaked depending on the group I am networking with. This is how I started this week: “I am a full service travel professional who specializes in travel for entrepreneurs, group retreat and event travel. And my ask this week is…” Someone I have known for well over a year was KIND enough to schedule a 1:1 connection call because she wanted to understand what I actually do. The phrase “full service travel professional” meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to her. She has always done things on her own, and does not like to ask for help. Haven’t we all been there! She asked what “services” meant in regards to travel? What a thoughtful question! Of course, some services include finding hotels and flights that meet the needs of the client. But true concierge services include so much more. For me, “full service” means just that! FULL SERVICE - ANYTHING travel related can be brought to me and I will handle it, whether it is for your business, your personal, or your vacations. I handle ALL THE TRAVEL WISHES AND NEEDS for my clients. For those of us who are used to DIYing everything, this can be a shift in thinking. Sure you can do it yourself, but is that really the best use of your energy? So here is a sense of what I do for most of my clients:

  • It starts with understanding my client’s preferences by asking the questions they may not have considered to be sure their travel is as joyful and easy as possible. Such as: Do you need to rest or work on a flight (will wifi access matter)?

  • Beyond finding and booking hotels, flight and rental cars is ensuring they are getting and using credits and rewards.

  • TSA, Global Entry, Passport information and loyalty numbers are all entered in the booking as needed.

  • Any flight changes or cancellations are forwarded directly to me and itineraries are updated and new flights are chosen to best fit the timeline. (Did you know you don’t just have to accept a schedule change and can pick new flights?!?)

  • Ensuring you have proper travel insurance for the type of trip, so your investment is protected.

  • Assisting with claims if your travel is impacted or canceled.

  • Dealing with customer service anytime it is needed (literally hours a day on hold for clients)

  • Often my clients want to gather a group and aren’t sure which destination would work best. I research and source locations, negotiate with those venues.

  • Create pricing and budgets for such events so clients can price their business events for profit.

  • Then I assist in getting all the participants to the gathering.

How can I support you this year to RECLAIM THE JOY in all of your travel? Hit reply and let me know! Cheers, Amy

P.S. Want to reclaim joy in travel, and partner with me as your Travel Assistant? (TA)? Schedule a call here.

P.P.S. Know someone who travels for business? Please forward them this email.

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