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Snail Mail Smiles

My business has always been “from home”. Me and my computer on a 6 foot table in a guest bedroom. It was fine.

Enter the “VID”! Yes coVID and doing everything ON VIDeo.

I tried everything. Tried to make the bed look more like a couch. Used a fabric backdrop RIGHT behind me on a T stand. Moved the table closer to the wall. Tapestry on the wall. Paint the wall.

Literally with my back against the wall, the front of the room became a dumping ground. The “I’ll deal with it later” pile just got bigger.

I hit my breaking point. Like an ill-fitting dress that drains your confidence and distracts you. I realized, in my whole house, I had no space for just me. THAT was going to change.

In one weekend I took EVERYTHING out of the space. Ordered a cute reading chair, side table and fancy file storage/printer stand. A quick coat of paint, thanks to my husband. It was so refreshing to put only the items needed back in the space. It was not only a spatial clearing but an energy clearing as well. I could feel the light and creativity coming back. Every time I step into the room, I am ready to serve my clients.

WHY did I wait so long! REMEMBER: Fine is a four letter word!

Why am I telling you this?

In the clean out, I compiled a whole box of fun goodies from all my years in business to share with YOU!

One of the treasures I found was a box of coupons for $100 each that you can use for your next trip when you schedule it with me!

If you would like some smiles in your snail mail, all you need to do is fill in this form and share your mailing address.

Life is hard, Travel can be easy,


"Amy was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and is a certified travel agent for people with disabilities! She was able to switch our reservation type and save us 20% on our room. I highly recommend using Amy!! You won’t pay any more for your trip than you would if you booked it on your own, and she may help you find discounts you didn’t know were available!" - Allisa G., Warwick, RI

P.S. Want to reclaim joy in travel and partner with me as your Travel Assistant? (TA)? Schedule a call here.

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