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Organic Marketing that Works

Do you feel inspired when creating marketing content for your business?

Or maybe, a more accurate question is: Do you wake up JUMPING FOR JOY and can’t wait to transform all of your brilliant thoughts and ideas into marketing that moves people?

We can pretty much agree that marketing can feel more like a chore, than a joyful inspiration if what we are doing just doesn’t seem to be working…

And this is where M. Shannon Hernandez comes in. I have worked with Shannon for years, and she shared with me her revolutionary mission as a joyful marketing strategist: To help you fall DEEPER in love with your marketing.

Shannon created the Content Personality® Wheel almost a decade ago to help business owners discover JOY and SIMPLICITY in marketing their businesses. Just like every person has a unique personality, every business owner has a unique Content Personality®.

How exciting is that?

In the world of online business, content creation and marketing can feel like a necessary evil–like something you have to do to keep up with the rat race of social media and the hustle of marketing.

But it’s not always clear how to make your marketing stand out and shine online–let alone how to enjoy it. This is Shannon’s expertise!

While there is a ton of advice out there on how to create content that converts and sells, very little of that advice takes into account YOUR unique personality.

After all, if you’re not in touch with your own mission, message, and unique Content Personality®, how can you expect to connect with your audience and community on a deeper level?

The answer is, you can’t.

If you haven’t heard of Shannon and what her team is doing over at the Joyful Business Revolution™, I’m encouraging you to take the 3-minute Content Personality® Quiz, so you learn how to simplify everything in your messaging + marketing.

When you understand how to use your Content Personality® to market your business, you will eliminate so many of the “shoulds” you think you should be doing.

Basically, Shannon gives us all permission to stop doing #allthethings we don’t want to be doing in our businesses anyway – and to actually FALL IN LOVE with marketing and serving our people, again!

You can take the Content Personality® Quiz here!

Life is hard, Travel can be easy,


P.S. Check out all the ways we can create magic together:

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