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Love your Family

Move over Eiffel Tower… there’s a new travel trend in town. With the rise of ancestry DNA tests and the ease of internet historical record searches, planning trips to visit the origins of your family has exploded in popularity. And it’s no wonder. With all this new information, we can find travel with a deeper meaning: the joy of connection to our heritage.

If the older generation is far away, connect with them over video conference. Use this opportunity for them to tell their story and your family history. Don’t forget to jot down notes - or better yet, record it!

Shared travel experiences not only build magical memories but create an opportunity to connect with family members in deeper and more meaningful ways!

Have you ever taken a multi-generational trip to explore your family line? I would love to hear about it, please reply and let me know your experience.

Ready to explore countries with a local family twist? Reach out to hear your options.



P.S. Want to reclaim joy in travel, and partner with me as your Travel Assistant? (TA) Schedule a call here.

P.P.S. Know someone who travels for business? Please forward them this email.

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