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If you have a VA or a PA, do you needa TA?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

You might be wondering: What’s a TA? Well that’s me, your personal Travel Assistant to bring back the joy and ease in travel while you focus on your business.

I am sure you spent the last month (if not more) looking at your business plan.

If you travel for conferences, retreats, speaking, or consulting, your 2023 plan would benefit from partnering with a TA.

Sure you can look for flights, hotels and car rentals on the internet and book it all.

BUT do you know which airports require longer layover times? OR when it's worth using all those travel rewards?

WHAT ABOUT making new choices when the airline changes or cancels your flight?

I recently conducted a survey, and the two biggest issues small business owners had with travel were the overall decision fatigue and overwhelm looking at the options. This lead them to NOT taking action and waiting until the last minute to book travel, plus they also experienced the frustration in the time it took to do the research and put a plan together.

You are already working on your speech, dialing in that sales invitation from the stage, attending conferences, and connecting with the great people you will see. Don’t waste valuable time on the travel details. You can have a partner who knows your preferences (window seat on the right please) so you can just pack and go.

I have a pet peeve of the “book a call” to find out more without knowing if services are even in your price range.

So here is a quick overview.

  • Travel support for entrepreneurs starts at only $150 per month.

  • Do you bring people together for events like mastermind weekends or retreats? You can get travel support and hotels for you and all your guests starting at $300 per month.

  • Do you bring clients to you AND you travel to them AND you do events of all sizes AND you need to find venues, get full travel support for $500 per month.

I am a traveling entrepreneur who happens to be an expert travel specialist.

I understand you, I am you. No surprise pricing, flexible services, no long term contracts.

If this was helpful and you now wish to learn more, please book a call.



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