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  • Amy Flores

I lost a $10K Client...

and was THRILLED!

I had been recommended to this business owner by three people. We had a strategy call where they filled me in on all the magic they had in mind for a high end retreat event. As I prepared my proposal the next day, itemizing the support that was requested, knowing I COULD do it, it became clear that I would not be the BEST fit for this client. One of my go to “mottos” is just because I CAN book anything doesn't mean I SHOULD book anything. That is not just for international leisure travel but in all facets of my business. I knew in my deepest integrity levels that one of my retreat planner friends would be the absolute perfect fit for this spiritual entrepreneur, business growth powerhouse wanting a retreat. So instead of sending a $10K proposal, I sent an introduction. I am excited to see what kind of wizardry they create together! Truly believing in partnership over competition is putting it in action. Do you believe there is abundance for all? Hit reply and share a collaboration or partnership that lit you up.

Life is hard, Travel can be easy, Amy

P.S. Check out all the ways we can create magic together: Vacation Planning - Retreat Vision - Entrepreneur Travel Assistant - Accessible Travel " I am SO ecstatic about working with Amy! I had no idea of how her services worked but knew she was VERY knowledgeable in what she does! On our first call, we gave her ideas on what we were looking for with our retreat and within a few days we had a plan! Amy thinks outside the box which makes us excited with each conversation we have! I highly recommend Amy!" - Lauren S.

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See how retreats can help you exceed your revenue goals with the Retreat Profit Calculator

See how retreats can help you exceed your revenue goals

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