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Benefits of using an agent ...let me count the ways

No idea where to start planning your trip? We can help. Are you a seasoned traveler but want someone to take care of the paperwork? Let us lend a hand.

1. We make travel less stressful.

When booking a vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon, the last thing a traveler should have to do is worry. Using an agent lets you focus on the excitement, adventure and celebration. All you have to do is pack, and we can even give you advice and tips for that!

2. We save you money…

Once a trip is booked, we continue to monitor promotions. We can easily modify a booking to take advantage of savings. (I once saved a family of 3 over $800 without changing anything included in their trip) We don’t charge hidden fees. Many online booking engines and bigbox stores did not include taxes and fees. An agent can ensure you are getting the legitimate best price upfront with no surprises. Depending on what kind of travel you are booking, travel agents typically don’t charge any booking fees and obtain commissions through their supplier. We are providing you with a quality service that you won’t receive working on a computer.

3…and time.

Using the Internet to book a trip sounds attractive and convenient, the truth is, the average traveler will take 8 or more hours over the course of multiple days researching offers. This includes checking online reviews and many of these online reviews are usually not genuine (read:sponsored). As agents, we know the most attractive deals offered by reliable sources and have the knowledge to recommend them quickly ourselves.

4. We advocate on your behalf.

Try calling your online booking engine or bigbox store when something goes wrong. The horror stories of days and hours trying to get resolution for travel booked through third party vendors were heartbreaking. Who do you call when there is an emergency or even just a bump in your plans? Your travel agent is an asset with the ability to understand the fluid changes in times of crisis. We have personal contacts at many travel destinations to assist in resolving any issues. Another way we save you time, money and stress.

5. For us, it is all about YOU

Travel agents can create a custom itinerary, pulling together flights, transfers, accommodation, tours, visits, meals and exclusive visits based on your preferences.

Third party sites and offers provide a one-size-fits-all service, not taking into account the numerous variables that are in play. We tailor our services to your individual needs. Have concerns? We talk you through them until you are confident. Food allergies? An agent can speak to resort managers and know where to eat. Need accessibility for a disability? We ensure you are booked with the right accommodations.

6. We offer insurance.

From guaranteeing your hotel is available to knowing if the excursion company is legitimate, booking through a travel agent ensures travelers will not get taken advantage of. While we are not insurance professionals, we are familiar with the companies who offer travel coverage and can secure travel insurance to meet your needs. We can get you the details of policies so you can determine what coverage will best protect you . Sadly, the COVID-19 crisis educated many travelers thinking “but I have insurance” that their reasons for not traveling were not covered or refunded.

7. We are here 24/7.

Most travel agents are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are there with you throughout the booking process and follow up afterward. On the other hand, contacting a general customer service line often means wading through a chain of robo-prompts.

8. We are specialists.

Agents have a personal understanding of your interests and insight into specific destinations and segments of travel, like disabilities, LGBTQ or destination weddings. A good travel agent spends time getting to know you so we can make recommendations tailored to what you want to do. Travel agents are some of the most well-rounded, funny, personable and knowledgeable people you'll meet. We come from more backgrounds than you can even count -- all having one thing in common: We are passionate about sharing the world with you. Take advantage of our services.

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