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  • Amy Flores

Do you LOVE adventure?

It's the month to celebrate love! I will be using the next few weeks to highlight and celebrate some ways you can take what you love into your travels.


Check out a few of my favorite spots where you can get your adventure on.

1. Jungle Adventure - Costa Rica

Ziplining through the rainforest. Trekking up a volcano. Rafting down the river. Snorkeling with dolphins and whale sharks. Wildlife viewing in one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. There’s an adventure for everyone in Costa Rica! Even surfing and beaches when you need a break from the jungle.

2. American Adventure - Yellowstone

Prefer to stick to the mainland? Yellowstone National Park offers a myriad of adventures right here inthe U.S.A. Check the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone from your bucket list, take a hike around the various hot springs and geysers, and view the bison herds in Lamar Valley. You can even stay at and tour the ranch and sets of the hit T.V. show Yellowstone. That’s a “YES PLEASE” for me!

3. Other Worldly Adventure - Iceland

Want the best of both worlds? They call Iceland the Land of Fire and Ice for a reason! View the famous Northern Lights, snorkel between two continents, explore ice caves, tunnels, and glaciers, and tour lava fields and volcanoes. Iceland was the last place on Earth to be settled by humans, and the untouched nature is astounding.

I LOVE to know what my audience is interested in. Shoot me a reply with what your idea of adventure is!

Ready to plan your adventure? Pop over to request a quote.



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