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Did you travel last month?

How did that go?

Hoping your New Year is off to a stellar start. We usually travel to a vacation destination for Christmas and this year we decided to stay home and just chill. Good thing too because my email and phone were blowing up from December 23 onward.

Did you travel for the holidays? Did you need to fly during this time?

Many people were headed out for holiday travel and breaks during the ‘down time’ between the holidays. And it all turned upside down!

Yes, there was a major storm that affected 40% of the country.

Worse, Southwest Airlines had computer system outages FOR DAYS that left not only passengers, but pilots and crew unable to take those passengers to their destinations.

There were crew ready to travel and planes available but the system couldn't coordinate it all - ON TOP of the storm. It was a mess.

People started to reach out and ask for help. Of course I can’t control the airlines or Mother Nature BUT I could get them out of the Southwest system and look for other options. I could let them know when a rental car was available if driving was an option. I could be their emotional support partner as they tried to hold it together for themselves and their families. .

One example was helping a client whose plane was canceled and told the next flight would be three days later. This is a business travel client but this was a family trip.

NO PROBLEM - when you are a client, you are a client no matter what type of travel we plan together!

She was traveling with two children. While she waited in line for assistance, I was able to get her a hotel for the night and a flight out the next day (on a different airline).

While disruptions in travel are never joyful, we can be as proactive as possible and focus on the upside.

This family was safe, they were fed, they would sleep comfortably, and they would eventually get where they were supposed to be!

Once they arrived and were able to have their adjusted holiday celebration, I was hanging on hold with the original airline to get refunds and travel credits sorted and sending the receipts and emails for the travel insurance claim.

This is just one of the many reasons to have a concierge travel assistant on your side!



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