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  • Amy Flores

Ancestry Travel: Your Trip Down Heritage Lane

Move over Eiffel Tower… there’s a new travel trend in town. With the rise of ancestry DNA tests and the ease of internet historical record searches, planning trips to visit the origins of your family has exploded in popularity. And it’s no wonder. With all this new information, we can find travel with a deeper meaning: the joy of connection to our heritage.

I’ll help you dig up the family roots - as far down as you‘d like to go

This is your ancestry and your trip - so let’s make it whatever you want. I’ve had clients that just want a general tour of the village where their family came from. Others want to visit the farms or the mills their great-great-grandparents may have worked at. The sky is the limit.

Let’s research as many specifics as you’d like. I’ll help you figure out what’s important to you. Would you be disappointed to learn after you’ve come home that you were only 20 minutes away from the village that your great-great-grandmother grew up in and didn’t get to see it? Then let’s start digging.

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start. Researching ancestry and ancestry travel is my jam.

It’s a priceless opportunity to bond with the older generation.

If you’re lucky enough to have the older generation around, take them with you for a trip of a lifetime. Let them visit (or re-visit) your family’s heritage. You’ll be giving them the gift of memory lane. I’ve got plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make multi-generational travel easy for everyone from the senior citizens down to the toddlers, even relatives with mobility issues.

If they can’t travel with you, use it as a bonding moment. Take some time to sit down with them, and ask them about their heritage and their childhood memories. Grab the family tree and let them fill as many names of relatives as you can. An old box of photos can spark nostalgia and funny stories of generations past. It’s a perfect time to ask for names and spellings.

If the older generation is far away, connect with them over video conference. With social distancing, almost everyone has learned to communicate with loved ones virtually. Use this opportunity for them to tell their story and your family history. Don’t forget to jot down notes - or better yet, record it!

Don’t forget the food

Let's be honest, some of us just want to taste the authentic food of our grandparents' generation. For me, the smell of real Portuguese sweet bread or a French Salmon Pie brings me back to my childhood church fairs and my Meme’s cooking. For me personally, ancestry travel just HAS to include some authentic food while touring the old country. Pastries, anyone?

It may bring you off the beaten path - you never know what you will find

While seeing the most famous sights in the world can be amazing and bucket-list worthy, they also can come with crowds or higher prices. The beauty of ancestry travel is that you can experience hidden treasures you might never have known about. This unique travel is all about you and your heritage.

Whether you’ve always been interested in genealogy, or your ancestry test results have got you newly hooked on family history, ancestry travel is one of the most unique and personal adventures you can go on. Let’s put together the ancestry travel vacation of your dreams. Email me at to get started.

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