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FINE is a 4-Letter Word Podcast with Lori Saitz

Thriving on Change with Amy Flo-Yo

My guest today is someone who was raised with a strong sense of independence and a feeling of responsibility for taking care of others. Amy Flores-Young, known as Flo-Yo, learned early on that everything in life is figureoutable so there’s no need to get your panties in a bunch. We’re talking about that trap of tying your personal identity to your work, the new sense of self-awareness sweeping the world right now, and viewing change as an opportunity for growth and learning. A full-time travel professional and retreat concierge, Amy is all about transformational destinations and reclaiming the joy in travel. She specializes in working with coaches and leaders to manage the endless logistics required to wow retreat participants—from start to finish. She is a sought-after speaker in the world of travel planning and retreats business strategy. When she's not planning and traveling, she is petting every puppy she meets, DJing kitchen dance parties, and shopping for new hoodies. I know what I need to add to the collection of Fine is a 4-Letter Word merch for her, when it comes out. Hey I launched the inaugural small group, 8-week, F*ck Being Fine program a couple weeks ago. And it’s going really well! Here’s an email I got from one of the participants before the first week was even finished… I am finding when I focus on the day’s tasks, I am not overwhelmed and this brings confidence, peacefulness and a sense of power over the day. Tired of biting your fingernails down to the quick every day while thinking about the argument you had last week with your partner and worrying about why your biggest prospect is ghosting you?

Amy couldn't pick only one hype song. Here is one she mentioned. I AM HERE - P!NK Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:

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